News — 16 May 2024

Implications of 24/7 Carbon Free Electricity on System Operation - Webinar

We recently held a webinar to launch our project on implications of 24/7 carbon-free electricity on system operations. See the recording and download the slides.

black electric tower under blue sky and white clouds during daytime

Granular Energy has recently started a project with National Grid ESO, Afry and Nord Pool to better understand the implications for system operation, which arise from the development of 24/7 CFE trading. The study will consider the ESO roles and interactions with system objectives including coordination of CFE instruments, treatment of CO2 emissions, and management of transmission constraints. The project will also involve a survey and a pilot to demonstrate 24/7 CFE trading.

In the launch webinar, we provided an introduction to the project covering:

  • What is 24/7?
  • Issues associated with 24/7 matching and system operation
  • Introduction to the project objectives
  • Project plans, stakeholder engagement and other next steps

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