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Navigating our Carbon Footprint

We are committed to sustainability not only in our product, but also in the way we operate. Read about the measures we've put in place to measure and reduce our carbon footprint, from flights to laptops.

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At Granular Energy, our mission extends beyond providing innovative software solutions to electricity suppliers; it's about fostering sustainability in every aspect of our operations. While our software undeniably contributes to transparent green electricity offers and accurate carbon emission calculations, we recognise the importance of ensuring our own practices align with our commitment to minimising environmental impact. In this article, we delve into the first proactive measures we’ve implemented to address potential negative impacts and position ourselves as sustainability leaders.

A holistic approach to sustainability

From the inception of Granular Energy, we understood the responsibility of being environmentally conscious. Being a full remote SaaS software company, we recognised that certain areas carried the potential for a substantial carbon footprint. These areas primarily included flights and procurement of IT equipment.

Transparent flight emissions tracking

To address the impact of flights, we implemented a thoughtful policy that encourages transparency and accountability among our team. When an employee wishes to book a flight, they must complete a detailed request form. This request mandates the employee to calculate the associated emissions by factoring in the distance traveled and utilising an emission factor per kilometer.

Additionally, the employee must explain in details the necessity of the trip and explore viable alternatives. The request undergoes scrutiny by our Sustainability Working Group. Only after receiving approval from a quorum of group members is the request accepted. This process ensures that each trip is evaluated for its essential nature, promoting mindful decision-making. It also has the benefit of streamlining our yearly carbon accounting by having at our disposal the exhaustive list of flights and the associated carbon emissions.

Green IT procurement practices

Recognising the environmental impact of IT equipment, especially laptops, we have also implemented practices to track and limit emissions. Our commitment involves prioritising long-lasting equipment and opting for refurbished laptops sourced from platforms such as Backmarket and other reputable second-hand resellers. In some European countries, we have taken it a step further by renting laptops through a cooperative, Commown, dedicated to maximising the lifespan of their devices. These measures not only reduce our carbon footprint but also contribute to the circular economy by extending the life of electronic equipment.

A constant commitment to sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability is a continuous journey. At the end of our first year of operations, we did a full Greenhouse Gas (GHG) accounting report with Greenly, giving us insights into areas of improvement. By proactively addressing these environmental impacts, we are not just a provider of green solutions but also actively contributing to a more sustainable future. We believe that by being mindful of our carbon footprint, we can inspire positive change within our team and the industry at large.

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