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Granular vision

Our vision

We believe that a carbon-free electricity system will be central to any decarbonised society. To get there faster, we need to harness market forces and create incentives to drive the massive investments in technology needed.

Granular is creating market solutions that facilitate 24/7 clean energy sourcing and generate new price signals for clean energy when it is most needed, capitalising on the recent emergence of robust, tradeable, granular energy certificates.

Granular team

The team

Granular team is made of experienced professionals with background in the energy industry as well as financial markets.

Its members have participated in the early development of multiple projects and solutions that now shape today’s energy markets.

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Our products

Granular Platform

Granular Platform

Turnkey certificate management platform

The Granular Platform is a complete solution for utilities, energy consumers and generators to manage their portfolio of granular certificates around the world. It includes everything you need to quickly get started with granular certificates and 24/7 carbon-free energy procurement.

Features include a 24/7 assessment tool, registry onboarding and aggregation, portfolio and risk management, carbon accounting and other compliance tools.

Granular Marketplace

Granular Marketplace

Building the 24/7 community

Granular Marketplace has been designed to facilitate the transition to 24/7 clean energy for energy consumers. Achieving a 24/7 clean energy future will require cooperation more than competition.

Granular Marketplace allows consumers to join forces by balancing between peers the excess of contracted generation on an hourly step. Our community also allows connecting directly to producers, to source granular certificates of green energy from known assets.

Granular Exchange

Granular Exchange

Preparing the future of clean energy markets

Granular Exchange is the first centralised venue allowing energy professionals to buy and sell hourly certificates of clean energy. Its design is based on the current spot electricity markets and will be operated in cooperation with Nord Pool, the leading spot power exchange.

The first iteration of Granular Exchange will be launched soon in Great-Britain as an R&D demonstrator.


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