Next-generation clean energy trading and management
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Granular vision

Our vision

The biggest question facing our planet is; ‘how quickly can we transition to a carbon-free energy system?’

By choosing to eliminate fossil fuels from their energy supply, all organisations and individuals can get us there faster.

Granular Energy provides solutions for managing and trading clean energy. Our tools have been developed to support the recent emergence of 24/7 time-stamped energy certificates as well as traditional ‘annual’ certificates.

Our products

Granular Platform

Green offer management for energy providers

The next generation of clean energy offers won't be managed on spreadsheets. Consumers now need transparency over where their energy comes from, down to the hourly level.

We help leading utilities, energy retailers, brokers, energy managers, municipalities and other service providers easily pilot and scale the next generation of clean energy programs whilst also providing an end-to-end energy certificate management platform that helps streamline what they already do today.

Already used by major energy providers in six countries across the US and Europe, we provide scalable solutions that work in all energy markets globally.

Granular Marketplace

Portfolio management for clean energy traders

If you sell, trade or buy clean energy certificates, you know how complex it can be to keep track of your inventories and open positions in various regions.

Our platform allows capturing your trades and certificate inventories, monitoring your deliveries, mapping your long and short engagements, and managing your market risks.

From certificate lifecycle management to risk control, benefit from an hourly-ready solution to manage your certificates today, and tomorrow.

Granular Platform

Trading venues

We are pioneering the development of hourly clean energy markets. Building on our market expertise, we provide a range of solutions to hedge your portfolio and adjust your risk profile at the hourly level.

From “24/7 PPAs” to trading of hourly-shaped certificates, or exchanging of green certificates on specific hours, we are building the next generation of clean energy markets.

Granular team

Our team

Our founders Toby Ferenczi, Bruno Menu and Samuel Cheptou and the team have extensive experience in clean energy and financial markets. They participated in the early development of granular certification through the EnergyTag standards body. At Granular Energy, we are a team united by the common mission of developing 24/7 clean energy markets.

If you share our passion for energy and impact, apply here to join us!

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