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Our vision

Granular vision

We believe that a carbon-free electricity system is an essential part of any future society. To get there faster, we need to enable changes to the electricity market that will drive massive investment in renewables.

Capitalising on the recent emergence of robust, tradeable, time-stamped energy certificates, Granular Energy is creating market solutions that facilitate 24/7 clean energy sourcing, generating new price signals for clean energy when it is most needed.

Our products

Granular Platform

Portfolio management platform

Granular Energy offers a complete software solution for utilities, traders and large energy buyers to manage their portfolio of energy certificates around the world, at a (sub-)hourly level. Our platform automates the allocation of certificates and optimizes your portfolio’s matching level. Features include monitoring of key metrics such as carbon free energy coverage, visibility into hours of excess or shortfall, portfolio management, risk dashboards, and monthly auditable reports.

Granular Marketplace

Marketplace and trading

Our marketplace allows you to trade and balance the excesses and shortfalls of your hourly matching profile. It features bilateral and multilateral trading and allows short term optimization and long-term hedging.

In addition, our platform connects to external partner trading venues, such as the hourly certificates spot exchange launched in collaboration with the market operator NordPool.

Our stakeholders

Energy suppliers

  • Offer premium green tariffs and attract new customers
  • Bring your portfolio management to the next level, thanks to a smart allocation between multiple production assets and consumers

End consumers

  • Power your activities with renewable energy around-the-clock
  • Improve your carbon accounting, reach climate goals and demonstrate sustainability leadership

We are working with all stakeholders to develop the 24/7 clean energy market. Hourly certificates benefit policy makers and grid operators, offer renewable developers, storage, and flexibility providers new revenues, and open up opportunities for environmental brokers, traders and sustainability consultants, among others.

Our team

Granular team

Our founders Toby Ferenczi , Bruno Menu and Samuel Cheptou and the team have extensive experience in clean energy and financial markets. They participated in the early development of granular certification through the EnergyTag standards body. At Granular Energy, we are a team united by the common mission of developing 24/7 clean energy markets.

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