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By choosing to eliminate emissions from their energy supply, all organisations and individuals can help get us to a carbon-free world faster. We provide the tools to enable this.

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Granular Energy provides software to manage and trade clean energy.

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Our tools enable utilities and energy industry professionals to save time and costs in managing their energy attribute certificates, and meet the needs of their customers for next-generation, enhanced transparency green offers.

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Opportunities and Limitations: the State of Guarantees of Origin in Germany

Pal Habsburg has been leading our market in development in Germany. He recently had the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of the German Guarantees of Origin (GO/HKN) market on the Energiezone Podcast with host Ilan Momber. In this post, he summarises the key points from the discussion, exploring how Granular Energy addresses specific market needs, ensuring that every kilowatt-hour of green energy is tracked, verified, and truly renewable, aligning with our commitment to a sustainable future.


Potenziale und Herausforderungen: die Lage von Herkunftsnachweisen in Deutschland

Pal Habsburg-Lothringen leitet unsere Markteinführung in Deutschland, kürzlich hatte er die Gelegenheit, im Energiezone-Podcast mit Moderator Ilan Momber die Feinheiten des deutschen Herkunftsnachweismarktes (GO/HKN) zu besprechen. In diesem Blog-Beitrag fasst er die wichtigsten Punkte der Diskussion zusammen und zeigen auf, wie Granular Energy auf diese spezifischen Marktbedürfnisse eingeht und hilft sicherzustellen, dass jede Kilowattstunde Ökostrom nachverfolgt wird und wie verifiziert werden kann, dass sie tatsächlich aus einer erneuerbaren Quelle gewonnen wurde.


Carbon-Free Chronicles - May: the essential round up of news and reports relating to 24/7 clean energy

We constantly see more content, education, reports, news and announcements shared on the topic of certificate management, 24/7 carbon-free energy and clean energy sourcing. Here we highlight the best news and reports alongside our own regular insight articles from May 2024.


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At Granular Energy we're not just paving the way to cleaner energy — we're also consciously building a great place to work, with a focus on employee wellbeing, diversity and inclusivity. This helps us build and retain the best team and is our small effort to build the kind of world we aspire to live in.

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