Paving the way to

a carbon-free grid

Next-generation clean energy trading and management

Our vision

By choosing to eliminate emissions from their energy supply, all organisations and individuals can help get us to a carbon-free world faster. We provide the tools to enable this.

Our products

Granular Energy provides software to manage and trade clean energy.

Granular Energy platform
Our tools enable utilities and energy industry professionals to save time and costs in managing their energy attribute certificates, and meet the needs of their customers for next-generation, enhanced transparency green offers.

Latest insights


Free Electrons Start-up of the Year 2023

Granular Energy named the winner out of 519 start-ups from 75 countries after a multi-stage, multi-week evaluation process judged by 7 of the world’s leading energy utilities.


UK Suppliers Explore Next-Generation Green Offers

Granular Energy hosted a workshop with 12 UK energy suppliers to discuss the future of REGOs and green offers


Good Energy launching hourly renewable energy matching for all business customers

Good Energy is combatting greenwash as the first UK supplier to provide transparent time-based energy matching to all of its half hourly metered business customers

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