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By choosing to eliminate emissions from their energy supply, all organisations and individuals can help get us to a carbon-free world faster. We provide the tools to enable this.

Our products

Granular Energy provides software to manage and trade clean energy.

Granular Energy platform
Our tools enable utilities and energy industry professionals to save time and costs in managing their energy attribute certificates, and meet the needs of their customers for next-generation, enhanced transparency green offers.

Latest insights


Carbon-Free Chronicles: the essential round up of news and reports relating to 24/7 clean energy

We constantly see more content, education, reports, news and announcements shared on the topic of certificate management, 24/7 carbon-free energy and clean energy sourcing. Here we highlight the best news and reports alongside our own regular insight articles from March 2024.


Behind the Screen: Code and Collaboration at Granular Energy

What’s it like working at Granular Energy? We asked Chris Nix, a senior backend developer, to share some insights on his work here and what makes it different to other roles he’s had in the past.


Bridging Distances, Building Bonds: Inside Our Amsterdam Offsite Experience

Every few months, we host a company offsite over three days. We spend our time hanging out with colleagues, talking company strategy and vision, brainstorming on hot topics and learning new skills.


Catalyzing the Hydrogen Economy

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is reshaping the way we define clean energy. In December, the U.S. Treasury proposed new rules for the 45V hydrogen production tax credit, here is our take on it.

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