Managing the next generation of clean energy offers requires advanced solutions.

Used by major energy providers in 8 countries, our platform streamlines existing certificate management processes, automates the allocation of certificates to end-consumers, and optimises sourcing and trading of certificate portfolios.

01 Green energy offer management

Consumers are increasingly demanding greater transparency in where their energy comes from. Granular Energy helps utilities, energy retailers, brokers, and other service providers develop and scale the next generation of carbon-free energy programs.

Our end to end certificate management platform streamlines existing processes and enables unprecedented transparency at the annual, monthly, daily or sub-hourly level.

Allocations flow diagram

Automate portfolio management and allocations

  • Reduce risks by visualising all contracts and customer requirements in one place
  • Save time by automating allocations to end-customers through using our rules-engine
  • Improve efficiency by streamlining your interactions with certificate registries
Reports image

Engage your customers with transparent reports

  • Help your customers reduce their emissions through transparency and insights
  • Deliver certified and audited reports via white-labelled dashboards or PDFs
  • Automatically provide your customers with the carbon emissions calculations they need for Scope 2 reporting

Create next-gen green offers

  • Design your next green offer using our product modelling tools
  • Use our rules-engine to seamlessly manage your green offers portfolio
  • Gradually develop premium offers for customers with increasing temporal and locational granularity

02 Portfolio and risk management for green markets

If you sell, trade or buy clean energy certificates, you know how complex it gets to track inventories and open positions across regions. Our solution streamlines certificate management today, and prepares you for the hourly certificates of tomorrow.

EAC management

Streamline global EACs management

  • Seamlessly connect to certificate registries across geographies
  • Track your inventory and manage your certificate lifecycle
  • Capture trades and map demand-side contracts, to monitor volume and price risk

03 Trading venues

We are pioneering the development of hourly clean energy markets, often through partners, such as Nordpool.

From “24/7 PPAs” to trading hourly-shaped certificates, or exchanging green certificates on specific hours, connect to our venues to hedge your portfolio and adjust your risk profile at hourly level.

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